Influencing... Part 4 of 4

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to have a knack of being able to persuade you to do something? (like stay for just one more drink!!!)…  

If you want to either learn how to influence and persuade people or maybe to just be more aware of people trying to influence you, then keep reading as there are 4 styles you need to be aware of.

I've split this blog into 4 parts so that I can keep to my usual short and hopefully sweet style! And this is the final instalment!


This type of influencing is called Attracting… This one is best used when the other person trusts you, you share some common views and they are looking for direction.

There are just two steps for this one.
  1. Find a Common Ground
  2. Share a Vision

So firstly, find a common ground, think about ideas, values or beliefs that you share and bring them to life...

And then find a way to share a vision, paint a picture of the future, talk about how optimistic the future could be or talk about the ideal outcome.

So, putting this into an example….

(Common Ground) - I know we're both really passionate about getting things done quickly and efficiently.

(Vision) - Can you imagine if we get this customer promotion approved today, we'd be able to launch it next week and it could be huge!

Or putting a cocktails spin on it rather than coaching!!

(Common Ground) - We always have so much fun when we meet up for cocktails... We always have loads to talk about and we always run out of time!!

(Vision) - If we stay for one more, we'll have such a laugh, and we can finish talking about... 

You've now seen me try and convince you to stay for 'one more drink' four times now.... So who's up for going out for a cocktail with me???

Lastly, if you really want to influence someone and it's just not working at that moment in time, then take a break rather than keep going with you both getting frustrated, change the subject, postpone the conversation to another time or just literally take a break for a few moments. You can then try again when you've both calmed down and perhaps try a different style.

So this was the final part but if you missed the others, click  here to read part one, here for part two and here for part three… or follow my Facebook page by clicking here


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