Imagine you had a problem that you wanted to solve, change or focus on, and I told you that after answering just 5 or 6 questions you could walk away with a clear action plan having committed to what you would do today, to make a difference!


Well, today I wanted to bring to life the GROW model which does exactly that… Unfortunately I can't claim it as my own! But I do use it all the time… It's a great tool to help shape the conversations that you have with your team or mentees. Or you can use it to help figure stuff out for yourself…


One of my team saw these questioned and joked that it forms the basis of every conversation they have with me! (You're welcome!!!!) But I love the idea that you can go from being really unclear about something, and by just answering a few questions suddenly you're really clear about what you need to do and how to do it!


So, step one, is think of something you're not happy with or want to change or solve…

This could be an element of your life you feel you need to focus on, a project you need to do or a change you want to make.


Then move through some of the questions in the GROW model:



What do you actually want?

Where do you want to be?

When do you want it?



Where are you now?

What's happening now?

How does that fit with your goal?



(I think this is a key part of the conversation / thought process)

What could you do?

Who can help you?

What have you seen others do?

What actions could you take?

What else could you do?

How could you move this forward?



What will you do?

What are the next steps?

What will you do… Today?


I love this way of thinking, to me it's the right balance of thinking about what you want, where you are right now, what you can do to change the situation and what you will do today to start that change!


So what do you want to change? And what are you waiting for?....


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