Do as I say... Not as I do!

I was on my first panel at an event recently and I was asked "What advice would you give your younger self?"


It really made me think… At first I interpreted it as - what do I wish I'd done differently. But I am a firm believer about not having regrets and I have the positive mindset that everything happens for a reason.


So I then switched the question in my head to "What advice was I once given that I really listened to"


I often seek advice from other people and I soak up lots of different perspectives on how to do things… But the one piece of advice I was given many years ago that I love was "Only follow advice that is true to you, and feels right to you"


The reason I loved this advice is because I'm quite an open person, so it's really important to me that people don't question whether they can trust me or if I'm genuine or not. So if I follow other people's advice it's really important that it's advice that is true to me… 

When I mentor and coach people, I often give them the same advice… As just because something worked for me, it doesn't mean it will be right for them.


The one piece of advice (that's mine) that I think I would give to my younger self would be "Be confident in the decisions you make"… especially true for when when I've stepped out of my comfort zone over the years; from mentoring my first mentee, coming back from maternity leave and moving into marketing (why wouldn't an accountant move into marketing when they have an 8 month old?!) and more recently saying yes to being on a panel before even asking how many people would be there - (there were 350 people in the audience!!) 


So, what advice would you give your younger self?

And what's the best advice you've ever heard?


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