Find Your Sticky Toffee Pudding

Imagine this - you're out for dinner, you've eaten way too much food and are full! But, the desert menu comes and you see sticky toffee pudding on the menu, and guess what… You find room!! (Well I always do anyway!)

For me helping people is like that! I could be up to my eyeballs - deadlines, presentations, meetings. But someone asks if I've got 5 minutes to help them and my answer is always yes!

I've come to realise that not only is it my 'sticky toffee pudding' but it's also where I get my energy from. So whether it's coaching, mentoring, writing a blog or just a quick conversation helping someone, if I can find time for that, it'll give me a boost of energy to tackle the rest of my day.

So my question to you… What’s your 'sticky toffee pudding’? 

And once you’ve found it, approach it with as much passion and commitment as you can.


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