Advice from an eight-year-old!

If you want to know how to build a strong team then you could go on a course for a few days, you could read a 300 page book or… You could just take the advice from my eight-year-old daughter!

The other morning I told her that I had a team meeting and I was thinking about what to do in it. ‘What do you want to get from the meeting?’ she said (just the question alone surprised me if I’m honest, bearing in mind she’s 8!)
I want my team to figure out how they can work really well together’ I said. Her instant response was ‘Communicate more!’ So I told her ‘I also want everybody to say what a great job my team is doing’ her response… ‘Believe in yourselves’ At that point I thought I’d pass her a pen and paper and ask her to write down her top tips…

She thought 5 points would be good so here they are!

1. Communicate more
2. Believe in yourselves
3. Share your worries
4. Tell someone when you need help
5. Decide together

I’m obviously bias but I think that’s pretty sound advice to take onboard when building a team.

Although I’m brunette with brown eyes whereas she’s blonde with blue eyes, maybe she’s more like her mum than I thought!


  1. Sounds like great advice to me! I'd have expected nothing less from an eight year old with a great mum and coach to boot!

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