Circle of Influence

Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated with what's going on around you? Perhaps there are some big changes happening at work, or maybe there are things that you're not happy about at home.

I often talk to people about the fact that you can't change or control what other people do, you can only change and control your own actions but this takes it one step further.

It's called your circle of influence.

Think of something you're not happy about and want to focus on. Then draw a large circle and inside that circle draw another smaller circle in the middle.

The inner circle represents your circle of influence - in here, write down all the things that are frustrating you about the situation that you can influence.

Then, put all the things that are frustrating you that you can't influence in the outer circle, in other words, they're outside your circle of influence.

You can then see really clearly what you can and can't control in the situation.

Once you've done this exercise it's really important to let go of the things outside your circle of influence, and really concentrate on what's inside your circle of influence - use your energy to focus on the things you can control and then work on changing those things.

One of my favourite quotes is… Accept what you can't change and change what you can't accept… and it's perfect here.

Personally I find this a really therapeutic way of thinking about things so you don't waste your time and energy focusing on things that you can't control anyway!


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