Development RULES

If you want to develop yourself, all you need to do is follow these RULES.





End game



Receptive - If you believe you're perfect, it's really hard to listen to advice and you'll have no motivation to develop yourself. You need to be receptive and open to other peoples opinions and advice and the concept of improving yourself.


Understand - Having self awareness and the ability to understand where you need to grow and develop is key. Only if you understand your strengths and weaknesses can you grow as an individual.


Learn - Once you understand what area you want to develop, you can then learn about that area. Learning can take many guises… From formal classroom courses, being mentored and coached, to reading books and blogs and more…


End Game - What differences do you actually want to see in both the short term and long term? What would you like to see in a week? And what's your end game in say a year or 5?


Steps - Once you've worked through the above, be clear on the steps you need to take to achieve your end game? What steps are you going to start taking today?

So now ask yourself, are you doing all of the above? Or which of the RULES do you need to focus on to start or accelerate your development?...


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