The Greatest Day

Have you ever stopped and thought about all the things you want to do, will do, could do but for some reason you just don't do it today… You think 'I'll do it next week, next year, one day'… Especially if you're thinking about how you want to develop, what you want to achieve in life or how you want to make a difference


Last week I was lucky enough to hear from Nancie Shackleton. She spoke for about 45 minutes and is one of the most inspiring people I've ever seen… She's Assistant Chief Officer for Lincolnshire Police and she shared her personal journey and gave loads of tips and advice… 

One that absolutely stuck with me was the concept of laying your life out in decades and thinking of it as a week



When you're aged 0-10 that's Monday

10-20 is Tuesday

20-30 is Wednesday

30-40 is Thursday

40-50 is Friday

50-60 is Saturday

And 60-70 is Sunday..


My grandma lived until she was 104 so potentially I could have a week and a half in me!


But when you really lay it out like that, where are you in the week?… If you've got a thousand ideas in your head (like me) but you're already at Thursday lunchtime (like me!!) then exactly when are you going to start developing yourself, achieving what you want and making the difference that you want?


Is there anything stopping you from starting now? What can you do right away? And what do you need to believe to make it happen today?…


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