Find Your Inner Cheerleader

I have spent time with, and heard from, some really inspiring people recently which has led me to reflect a lot about self talk.

Whenever we really step out of our comfort zone, we talk to ourselves. But who's doing all the talking? The critic in you? Or your own personal cheerleader? Spend a few minutes to think about a time that you were brave....

What was your self talk? Were you in a positive or negative mindset? And how did you overcome any negative self talk?

I believe that if you have a positive mindset then you are much more likely to see positive results. But even more than just thinking positively, think about things that you know and believe are true.

We all get nervous, especially when we need to be brave. A great tip that I heard from Executive Coach Sarah Brummitt was that getting nervous is just our bodies way of getting the adrenalin pumping so our body is ready to perform at it's highest possible level. I love this, as it really encapsulates the essence of thinking positively so that you see great results.

So I set you a challenge...

What's the next brave thing you're going to do?
And what will you (or your inner cheerleader) say, to set yourself up for success?

The Inspiring people I refer to in this blog are; 
Ann Pickering HR Director O2 Telefonica 
Helen Pitcher OBE, Chairman and Executive Coach 
Peter Cheese, Chief Executive CIPD 
Fleur Evans, Partner JCA Group 
Angela Wakelin, MD Santander 
Sarah Brummitt, Executive Coach


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